v1.5.1 (2019-05-21)

  • Remove username and password from settings since it’s removed from crawlera.

  • Include affected spider in logs.

  • Handle situations when crawlera is restarted and reply with 407’s for a few minutes by retrying the requests with a exponential backoff system.

v1.5.0 (2019-01-23)

  • Correctly check for bans in crawlera (Jobs will not get banned on non ban 503’s).

  • Exponential backoff when crawlera doesn’t have proxies available.

  • Fix dont_proxy=False header disabling crawlera when it is enabled.

v1.4.0 (2018-09-20)

  • Remove X-Crawlera-* headers when Crawlera is disabled.

  • Introduction of DEFAULT_CRAWLERA_HEADERS settings.

v1.3.0 (2018-01-10)

  • Use CONNECT method to contact Crawlera proxy.

v1.2.4 (2017-07-04)

  • Trigger PYPI deployments after changes made to TOXENV in v1.2.3

v1.2.3 (2017-06-29)

  • Multiple documentation fixes

  • Test scrapy-crawlera on combinations of software used by scrapinghub stacks

v1.2.2 (2017-01-19)

  • Fix Crawlera error stats key in Python 3.

  • Add support for Python 3.6.

v1.2.1 (2016-10-17)

  • Fix release date in README.

v1.2.0 (2016-10-17)

  • Recommend middleware order to be 610 to run before RedirectMiddleware.

  • Change default download timeout to 190s or 3 minutes 10 seconds (instead of 1800s or 30 minutes).

  • Test and advertize Python 3 compatiblity.

  • New crawlera/request and crawlera/request/method/* stats counts.

  • Clear Scrapy DNS cache for proxy URL in case of connection errors.

  • Distribute plugin as universal wheel.